Ice Nine Kills + InVisions



Kavka Zappa, Antwerpen

19h00 — 23h00

Like the undead slasherscelebrated in their songs, ICE NINE KILLS return with The Silver Scream 2: Welcome to Horrorwood, asequel ofgruesomemovie-sizedproportionto theirNo. 1 Billboard Hard Rock Album,The Silver Scream.Welcome toHorrorwoodcarves out afresh,bloody homage to the VHScelluloidclassics thatpossessed singer Spencer Charnas at an early age, withadevilish newtwist.ICE NINE KILLS make music both timeless and timely, mixing metal, hardcore, andpunk,with accessible power. New hard-rock-and-horror anthems like “Hip to beScared,” “Assault & Batteries,” “Take Your Pick,” and “Farewell II Flesh” demonstrateSpencer’s fascination with fright,pop culture obsession, andhisexpertise withinescapably wicked melodic hooks and clever twistsof phrase.


InVisions is a Melodic Metalcore/Post-Hardcore band from York – North Yorkshire, UK. Started back in January 2016, when Ben Ville (vocals) approached Lucas Gabb (guitars) about starting a new project after the demise of their previous bands, then recruited Alex Scott (guitars) and booked a studio session for their debut single within a week. Drummer Josh Hardy soon joined after an introduction from the band’s producers Sam and Joe Graves from Innersound Studios. Their discography consists in a debut album ‘Never Nothing’ released in 2017, and a Full-length called ‘Between You & Me’ out at early last year.