I Prevail



Kavka Zappa, Antwerp

19h30 — 22h30

Sold Out

I Prevail

Michigan’s I Prevail does and will live up to its name. Debut EP Heart vs. Mind from 2014 was already in high praise, but the band’s cover of Taylor Swift’s ‘Blank Space’ really put the band on the map. Earlier this year the second album ‘Trauma’ was released, after a vocal cord injury and a subsequent depression of vocalist Brian Burkheiser. After his recovery, the foursome went into the studio to record a new album on their own terms and pace. Emotional, but just as hard rocking metalcore full of breathtaking lyrics, of which every note is meant to be heard.

Dream State

This quartet from South Wales first surfaced in 2015 when their EP ‘Consequences’ made a big splash. Although they were still trying to find their own sound the potential was obvious. Their second EP ‘Recovery’ (2018) tells the story of singer CJ’s road to recovery and the personal nature of the lyrics draws the listener in. The sophomore EP also signalled a major leap forward in musical terms thanks to a compelling post-hardcore/punk rock vibe. The level of musicianship is impeccable and frontwoman CJ’s cleans and screams are both equally convincing. The release of their maiden full CD ‘Prime Rose Path’ in mid-October is yet another landmark in their existence, with tracks that sound like a cross between the harder Linkin Park offerings and some of the softer Slipknot tracks.