Gatecreeper + Enforced

Heavy metal


Kavka Oudaan, Antwerp

19h30 — 23h00


An Unexpected Reality


An Unexpected Realityis Gatecreeper like you’ve never heard them before. Exploring bothends of the tempo spectrum, this release offers two opposing sides of the band’s musicalpersonality. Side one consists of seven short, sharp shocks that have a total running time ofless than seven minutes. Inspired by grind, punk and hardcore, tracks like “Starved,”“Rusted Gold” and “Amputation” are some of the fastest offerings the Arizona death metalsquad has ever recorded. Side two is the exact opposite. Consisting of a single 11-minutetrack entitled “Emptiness,” this is Gatecreeper at their slowest and most funereal. Think ofit as an extended version of the death-doom tracks that the band closed out Sonoran Depravationand Deserted with.


An uncompromising crossover thrash outfit based out of Richmond, Virginia, Enforced combines punk, death metal, hardcore, and thrash in an unstoppable sonic assault that evokes the punitive stylings of pioneering extreme metallers like Bolt ThrowerAmebix, and Sacred Reich.