Neck Deep

Pop punk


Kavka Zappa, Antwerp

19h30 β€” 22h30

Neck Deep

Neck Deep are a Welsh pop punk band from Wrexham who formed in 2012 when vocalist Ben Barlow met former lead guitarist Lloyd Roberts. On 19 April 2012 the duo posted the song “What Did You Expect?” online under the name Neck Deep. According to Roberts, Barlow “literally said, ‘What about Neck Deep [as the band name]?’ and that was that.” The name comes from the Crucial Dudes’ song “Boom, Roasted”. “What Did You Expect?” soon gained attention online. This resulted in the duo adding guitarist Matt West, who also played in Spires, and drummer Dani Washington, who was aware of Wrexham’s local music scene. Bassist Fil Thorpe-Evans joined shortly after leaving Lincoln melodic hardcore band Climates. “I Couldn’t Wait to Leave 6 Months Ago ” was posted online on 8 June. On 11 June, it was announced the band had signed to US label We Are Triumphant. The band recorded more songs with Seb Barlow in the attic of Ben’s home.