Föllakzoid + guest



Kavka Oudaan, Antwerp

19h30 — 23h00


Föllakzoid are a psych-rock group from Santiago, Chile, who explore spacious, hypnotic rhythms informed by Andean traditions, Krautrock, and electronic music. Initially playing an aggressive, heavy form of space-rock on their self-titled 2009 debut, the group’s sound gradually became more streamlined and techno-influenced on releases such as 2015’s III. Föllakzoid formed around bassist/vocalist Juan Pablo Rodrigues, synth player Alfredo Thiermann, and drummer Diego Lorca. The three met during childhood and started playing together officially in 2008. During their first practice, they jammed on a song in free-form style for over two hours, and this reliance on chemistry became a defining characteristic of their live shows.