Deez Nuts + Kublai Khan Tx + guests



Muziekodroom, Hasselt

18h00 — 23h00

Deez Nuts

Former I Killed the Prom Queen drummer JJ Peters founded Deez Nuts in Melbourne, Australia, in 2007, taking the band’s name from a Dr. Dre song. Equally influenced by hardcore punk and hip-hop, the group’s lyrics focused on partying as well as hustling, and the group’s 2008 debut album, Stay True, appropriately contained a cover of Beastie Boys‘ “Fight for Your Right.”

Kublai Khan Tx

Kublai Khan are a metalcore quartet from North Texas with an aggressive, punishing sound that combines monstrous riffs and thrashing blastbeats with thoughtful lyrics that address issues such as racism, depression, and addiction.

Unity Tx

UnityTX is a rap metal/nu-metal band from Dallas, Texas. The group was formed in 2014 and has been making their way through the underground scene since their inception.

Rising Insane

Rising Insane is a popular American artist/band, better known with the songs: “Bend And Break” , “Something Inside Of Me” , “Serenade” .

Discover Rising Insane music video below!